Dear Parents and Friends,
We offer Yiquan Kungfu to 4 age groups, Cubs 5-9, Tigers 10-12 Falcon 13-17 and Adults 18+. Parents expect significant changes in your children if they are regular students of ours, happier, healthier and making better life choices.

Cubs ages 5-9Tigers ages 10-12Falcon ages 13-17Adults ages 18+Qigong

For 20 years in the Marrickville Area we have been nurturing people like yourself and your children. The news is always full of bad news, children hurt at school by bullies, children making poor choices about drugs, friends and behaviour.

How can a bit of kicking and punching really help?

I understand your thinking so please let me explain, Confidence, Self Esteem, Self Respect, Self Reliance, Self Confidence, Fitness, Speed, Strength, Honour, Teamwork, Courage, Knowing what is worth fighting for? These aren’t just words to us this is our curriculum. Don’t get me wrong, we teach one of the most effective Self Defence Arts but real Martial Arts is about much much more.

To conquer anyone we must first conquer the things inside us that hold us back, our own fears, misconceptions and self doubt.

Sir Edmund Hillary the first man to conquer Mt. Everest once said

  It is not the mountains that we conquer, but ourselves.  

Our Yiquan Kungfu is an old art, based on an 860 year old beginning.

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Our symbol for Yiquan Kungfu contains the ancient Yin/Yang symbol representing balance and harmony. We want the opportunity to offer balance and harmony to you and your children’s life.

We aim to improve you or your child’s flexibility, speed, strength, determination, endurance and self defence skills but we also aim to affect character building aspects of decision making, self control, focus, spirit, leadership, nutrition, self respect and respect for others. This physical and mental approach to training at the Yiquan Kungfu Academy aids to the balance and harmony of the Academy, the Instructors, our students and their parents. The Yiquan Kungfu Academy aims for a true balance of Attitude and Aptitude.

As Albert Einstein once said,

  Weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character.  

This is what Sharon thinks.

  ... As a mother, I cannot recommend to you highly enough, the benefits of your children attending this school. If you are just looking for your children to learn how to beat someone up before they get beaten up, then this is not the school for you. If, however, you want your child to gain a better understanding of themselves, their bodies, their safety and the people around them, then this is the place – do not hesitate – your kids are worth it!  

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The Greatest Instructors

The Yiquan Kungfu Academy has the best Instructors, I know because I have been training them since I put the White Sash around their waist at their first training class. They embody everything I have said so far. I believe they are fantastic role models for you and your children, I am very proud of them.

The assistant Instructors, who help in many of the classes, give of their own time to learn to work and grow with you and your children. I have the greatest pride and confidence in their positive influence on the children in the Yiquan Kungfu Academy.

Comprehensive Class Timtable

All age groups have sufficient classes in the Marrickville Area to establish an effective habit, if you want change and growth then the first thing to change is your habits. Assess the activities you have your child evolved in, will they receive the training they can receive at Yiquan Kungfu Academy, quality versus quantity. We want quality for you and your child.

Free Introductory Lesson

I am offering to teach you or your child for free, absolutely free. See and experience our professional centre, spend a class with us to feel what can be gained through learning balanced Martial Art. You may see the difference just 1 class can make. You and your child have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

To schedule in you or your child's FREE class, simply call us on 02 9564 2444
10:00am to 8:30pm Monday to Friday or 9.00am to 3.00pm Saturday.

Free Inclusions

Both our Premium and Lite Training program include a FREE Uniform, Included Membership, Insurance and Gradings.

Shifu Chris Futcher-Coles

Perhaps you think that Martial Arts is about kicking and punching not personal growth, isn’t it. At some schools perhaps but at the Sydney Self Defence Centre, our programs are centred on you and your children’s absolute safety and personal growth, I guarantee it, my name is Shifu Chris Futcher-Coles and I am the owner of the Sydney Self Defence Centre and the Yiquan Kungfu Academy.