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Welcome to the Sydney Self Defence Centre

I honestly believe Self defence is not about violence; I wonít represent it that way. Self defence is not about hurting anyone; itís about stopping them from hurting you. Thatís the paradigm shift and if you believe that too, you have come to the right place.

Ying Yang

Yin/Yang of Conflict

Conflict will happen. We are on this earth with billions of other people, it is not really a question of IF conflict happens or even WHY conflicts happen, it really is a question of WHEN will it happen to me?
Are you trained? Are you ready? Is hope your strategy? ĎI hope it never happens to meí. Good luck with that!

The Taoist [Daoist] philosophy of Yin/Yang is ancient; it represents true harmony.

  Our world is made up of extremes which meet somewhere in the middle to give our life a balance or harmony, Good/Bad, Beautiful/Ugly, Hot/Cold, Happy/Sad, Right/Wrong, Male/Female, Love/Hate, Fear/Trust. Our world has 2 faces, 2 extremes, 2 possibilities and the acceptance of the possibility of Dangerous Conflict is the first step to making a great decision.  

The 3Dís of conflict - Detect, Defuse, Defend

A physical confrontation is not inevitable but it is problematic.

If our Detection, awareness cycle is known, trained and effective we can avoid the confrontation. If our Physical and Verbal Defusing skills are known, trained and effective we can negotiate the confrontation. If we have no other choice and our Physical Self Defence skills are known, trained and effective then we can survive the Physical Confrontation.

Anger, aggression, retribution, revenge have no place in True Self Defence. However Common Sense does, Assertiveness, Self Esteem, Self Reliance and Focused Goals do.

I donít care how old you are, what sex, sexual orientation, size, race or if you are disability challenged, we can train you. That is why my wonderful Trainers and I work so hard in Schools, Community Centres, Corporate and Government areas to educate students people and staff. The need is so great with our youth at risk, independent seniors and disabled, domestic violence survivors and at risk employees. We have our work cut out for us.

Shifu Chris Futcher-Coles

I am Chris Futcher-Coles and the owner of the Sydney Self Defence Centre and I believe we all have the basic human right to know how to trully defend ourselves.

We will help you, your students, your family, your employees to all feel safer.

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